The jury

Each submitted idea that reaches the second round of the competition will be reviewed independently from the other entries and anonymously by all jurors.

In the jury of the category Business Ideas are 2022:


  • Piet de Boer, Business Start-Up and Business Development Officer - Bremen Chamber of Commerce
  • Florian Hartke, Head of Innovation, Lenze - encoway
  • Andreas Mündl, Starthaus Coaching Program, Starthaus - Segment of Bremer Aufbau-Bank GmbH
  • Heinz Brandt, Board of Directors, Bremen Stock Exchange Foundation
  • Sonja Mattfeld, J-CUB Start-Up Coordinator - Constructor University
  • Susanne Henneke, self-employed sales mentor, speaker in coaching series for start-ups

The jury of the category Business Concepts 2022 consists of:


  •  Petra Oetken, Head of Starthaus Bremen - Segment of Bremer Aufbau-Bank GmbH.
  • Eckhard Nachtwey, attorney Nachtwey IP
  • Franca Reitzenstein, Head of Corporate Communications - team neusta
  • Carolina Gomez, Vorstand Aviaspace Bremen e.V. 
  • Dino Zirwes, authorized representative start-ups - Sparkasse Bremen AG
  • Prof. Dr. Rabea Diekmann, Vice Chancellor for Research, Transfer & Continuing Education, Bremerhaven University of Applied Sciences
Jurysitzung bei Campusideen
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