Dr Self-Employed 2021

“I really think I could be my own boss…”

What opportunities does self-employment offer someone with a PhD? Why is this path interesting for doctoral students and graduates in the humanities and social sciences? What are the benefits of the experience and knowledge gained during my time at university? Can I develop an idea from my own research? What are the advantages and where are the stumbling blocks?

The event offers insights into everyday work as a self-employed professional and the process of setting up a business. Two entrepreneurs with PhDs report on the paths they took and their experiences. BRIDGE will also illustrate the current support and funding opportunities for founders. Afterwards, there will be time for questions from the audience. The event will take place online.

We will announce our guests here shortly.

BRIDGE in cooperation with BYRD, the central contact point for doctoral students and postdocs.

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Dr. Self-Employed 2021 with Dr.-Ing. Jan Gehrke and Dr.-Ing. Arne Schuldt from Aimpulse

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